Brief introduction of Institute of Higher Education

    The Institute of Higher Education (IHE) at Anhui University is a teaching and research organization, established in November 2005 and  headed by Professor ZHANG Jing, directly reporting to President CHENG Hua. Its main responsibilities include: undertaking educational research and teaching tasks at the university; facilitating discipline construction of pedagogy and cultivating advanced talent; engaging in research and practice on provincial higher education reform, providing consultancy on decision-making strategies for colleges, universities and educational administrative departments; conducting research in support of university innovation and development, and actively providing information and consultancy for university strategic planning and decision-makings; organizing applications for and undertaking educational research projects from the state, ministries and Anhui province; responsible for daily practice in the secretariat office of Anhui Association of Higher Education; publishing continuously two academic journals, Higher Education Research Weekly and Domestic Higher Education Research Trends (authorized and financed by China Association of College Teaching).

Address:Feixi Road 3,Hefei,Anhui,P.R.China