Research fields:

      Jurisprudence of Higher Education:This is one of research features at IHE. Research in this field is concerned with exploring issues of laws in higher education from the angle of legal theory, introducing basic theories of jurisprudence into studies and practices of higher education laws, providing advisory services to administrators in institutions of higher education for law-based administration and management.

Management on Higher Education: This is cross-disciplinary involved in fields of education and management, which is significant in both theories and practices. It is mainly concerned with research on management, planning and leadership in the enterprise of higher education, as well as scientific theory and approach guiding higher education administration and management. We have made a lot of efforts in this field.

Comparative Studies on Higher Education: The level of higher education in China remains low in general. Examining higher education from comparative perspectives and learning from foreign advanced experience are helpful for us in constructing higher education system with Chinese characteristics. In recent years, we have made some new progress on comparative study at IHE, which contributes to high education reform and development in our country.